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Food Network Winner Chef Anja Lee

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Join us - a community of curious home cooks, career-driven go-getters, busy moms with hands-on kids, retired and excited individuals, and all-around incredible people - to find a love for cooking that you never knew you could have.

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"Anja is a gracious teacher. She explains without being condescending. She encourages without being judgmental. She celebrates creativity rather than being bound to the recipe. I have cooked and baked for many years and still find her classes informative and inspiring."


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A few 2023 classes we're looking forward to

Tiny Kitchen is a whole-foods, plant-forward, your-body's-needs-first cooking movement.

A way to connect with others just like you and gain a wealth of WOW-worthy recipes that you keep in your back pocket and can whip out on any occasion.

A cooking club that is MORE than just another YouTube video:

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Past Recipes we cooked *From scratch*

Veggie Paella

Cooking with Herbs

Fish Bouillabaise

Peach Ice Cream

Edamame Miso Dumplings

GF Almond Dark Chocolate Crumble

Green Pici Pasta

Pumpkin Gnocchi

Coq au Vin

Chicken Tikka Masala & Naan

Zucchini Risotto

Honey Chili Walnut Salmon

Our goal is to empower you to cook delightful meals, and with some healthy tricks, too!

Join celebrity Chef Anja Lee and other guest Chefs from the comfort of your home kitchen to learn simple, beautiful and mouth-watering recipes that your family and you will LOVE.


We've applied our nutritional background and expertise to craft traditional and modern recipes to have a healthy (but still tasty) twist.



You name it - we've got your back.


How long do classes typically last?

Classes range between 60-90 minutes. This gives ample time for everyone to get their questions answered and end with a successful meal. We surveyed all of our current members and they unanimously voted that it's the perfect amount of time.

Are you required to attend every class?

Heck no! The schedule varies in hopes that everyone will find at least 1 class per month that fits their schedule, and those who are able to attend get a more intimate experience. We have all classes on video, so if you miss class, you can always check it out.

When do you typically host classes?

After surveying our members, we found that weekdays between 4-7pm PST is the sweet spot.

For our East Coasters, we host at least 1 class per month starting around 3-5pm EST in hopes that this fits their schedule.

I'm vegan (or gluten-free, or dairy-free), do you have recipes for me?

ABSOLUTELY. Chef Anja Lee is gluten-free and mostly dairy-free, so she can relate! Most of our recipes are vegetable-forward and will work for a vegan or vegetarian. There is always a gluten-free option. Health means happy bodies, which is our priority!

How directly do we get to work with the Chef?

Classes are small (typically between 10-20 people), and the Chef makes sure that everyone's questions are answered and that everyone is keeping up. You will, guaranteed, get to know the Chef and your classmates well!

More questions?

Recent quotes from our members:

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You’ve taught me to love healthy foods and to try things I might not have — I swore I’d only ever eat fish deep-fried — but Anja made a believer out of me with her recent Fish en Papillote! And it’s so much healthier! When a new dish comes to the table, my husband has learned to say, “Is this one of Anja’s recipes?”

Wendy Sanders

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Chef Anja's Tiny Kitchen class was so much fun! ... Anja is a great teacher with a big personality and smile to match. She answered questions and kept everyone engaged while we all created a wonderful meal. Can't wait for the next class and to try more recipes In her cookbook!

Wendy Renz

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It was a blast, the crumble was fantastic. I already told several friends how great it was!


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Love everything about Anja’s classes and will keep coming back time and time again!

Emily Albert

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Anja is a gracious teacher. She explains without being condescending. She encourages without being judgmental. She celebrates creativity rather than being bound to the recipe. I have cooked and baked for many years and still find her classes informative and inspiring.


See what our Tiny Kitchen Cooking Club

member Tyler has to say about our classes:


Food Network with Alex Guarnaschelli, "A Ricey Situation" - Season 4, Episode 13

Check it out: "How Does That Crab Ya?"

- Season 14, Episode 10

Chef Anja Lee has been appearing on News channels around the USA monthly for 3 years, teaching her specialty recipes!

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Chef Anja Lee cooks the Cleveland Cavaliers to victory in 2016, cooking all pre-game and post-game meals for the team in their locker room!

"How to Cook Healthier" appears in Whole Foods stores across the USA and on Amazon!

Small, boutique business | Female-founded | Woman-run | Located in San Francisco, CA

Photo taken of one of her first catering gigs when she established her own Anja Lee Catering business in 2015. This was for the Founders of AOL's 60th birthday - and she blew it out of the park! From there, they invited her to be a full-time private Chef in their home in Napa.

Why our founder, Chef Anja Lee, loves to cook and loves to teach:

Chef Anja Lee started cooking for her family at 10 years old when her Mom invited her to take on dinner. Quickly, nothing mattered more to her than getting friends and family together to taste her creations.

She was soon led to cooking with Melanie's local catering company (in Tahoe City, CA), and she was inspired by all of the beautiful women she would work with while chatting about life and tasting each other's dishes before serving for a crowd.

When she was 16, she learned what it was like to eat healthier and have more control of her body and how she felt. Food was not only beautiful and delicious, but she could actually cook and eat to feel her best self. This was empowering! (Why don't more people know this?!)

She's been on a lifelong mission ever since to:

  1. Bring loved ones together around beautiful, delicious food.
  2. Always use high-quality ingredients, so that she and others feel amazing after eating.
  3. Share her favorite recipes, tricks in the kitchen, healthy ingredient swaps and happy moments with others who love food as much as her.

Monthly Spotlight Member:

Erica Lieppman!

We are SO excited to announce our very well-deserving February Spotlight Member, Erica!

Erica is a ray of sunshine and she has dedicated a lot of her time to cooking with Tiny Kitchen. She was our 4th founding member and we hope she stays cooking with us for a long time! THANK YOU ERICA!

Erica's story:

I live in Seattle Washington most of the time, but often go to Anchorage Alaska where my partner grew up. I am 31 years old. Hobbies include anything outdoors! Downhill skiing, backcountry skiing, Nordic skiing, swimming, hiking and more. My partner and I try to cook at home a lot. We like eating out too, but we love the satisfaction of making your own meal, especially when it tastes better than when you go out.

I joined Tiny Kitchen Cooking Club with an intention to learn to cook things that are out of my comfort zone, perhaps something that requires more of a skill set. I don't have any professional training, so I like it because it pushes the boundaries of what I'd explore making in the kitchen. It also helps me figure out what I want to cook during the week instead of searching on Google, Instagram etc. to find a recipe etc.

I also love all of the little things I learn, like the difference in flavor between minced garlic vs pressed garlic. As another example, the fact that you want to preheat your pan before adding your oil ("hot pan, cold oil"), or also that you don't want to wash your mushrooms but instead wipe them with a damp towel. I did that last night!

I also enjoy that it isn't one on one, it's great camaraderie, and it is helpful to know that if I am struggling, other people are struggling too. It's nice to know that we're all in this together!

I'd I don't think you can go wrong by joining! There are many options at different times of the week. The menu is awesome because it has a healthy twist to it so it helps me know that I'll always feel good after class! I like that the recipes are typically traditional and authentic French cuisine, so there's a nice balance. It's really fun! And I am very proud of the skills I have gained.

What I want to tell everyone is that they should all join Tiny Kitchen Cooking Club!

Erica Lieppman, February 2023

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Female-founded & Women-run | Boutique business | Health-first | Environment-first

"Small business, California based, female-owned -- what more could you want? Anja's passion for what she is doing shines through every class, making you feel like she is in your kitchen with you which is exactly what you want out of a virtual event like this!"

Isabel Hildebrandt, College of the Desert

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